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"Super Pals!"


Character: Artist and Khrisy Dragon

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Art by: schneckenbeckons

Character: kdragonboy

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Ahhh! DX

Where did you guys all come from!!?!? DX

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"Getting ready for the game" - Art by Xainy

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"How to bug sad people" (Boshie)

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FurAffinity: It's a Business




So I decided to blog this after seeing all these people getting upset about the recent hiring of new administrators (apparently), rumors and possible changes to FurAffinity.

I thought I might want to put in my 2 cents. (is that how you say it?)

So let’s start with the users (including…

Businesses aren’t immune to criticism for working in a fucked-up system, even if that business is providing a business “for free”

The people that work for those business (be they regular people or even rapists and scam artists, as FA is known to hire) are not immune to criticism either

this is one of the worst arguments I’ve ever read defending anything, ever

you defeat yourself by, on one hand, saying that people who don’t support FurAffinity financially have no room to complain for using a free service, and then saying that you have no room to complain for shopping at Wal-Mart (for reasons that amount to laziness despite being aware of its terrible practices)

You are correct at the point where maybe they do hire artist, scam artist, etc. And of course, they aren’t completely immune to criticism (we all are human), but when have you seen FA change because of what the users say? FA is very stubborn and will do whatever they want. Maybe it’s a fucked up system, but are they doing anything about it? No. They’ll do whatever the hell they want.

And yes, people should not complain because they do get a free service. But at least with Wal-Mart, I can do something (e.g. not shop there anymore). But am I doing that? Not really. I’m not doing anything about Wal-Mart… so I am just as guilty…so I can’t say much. I am sorry that you thought this was a bad argument, as it is just an opinion. Thank you for reading.. and I am  glad to get another perspective.