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"Super Pals!"


Character: Artist and Khrisy Dragon

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Art by: schneckenbeckons

Character: kdragonboy

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Ahhh! DX

Where did you guys all come from!!?!? DX

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"Getting ready for the game" - Art by Xainy

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"How to bug sad people" (Boshie)

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FurAffinity: It's a Business




So I decided to blog this after seeing all these people getting upset about the recent hiring of new administrators (apparently), rumors and possible changes to FurAffinity.

I thought I might want to put in my 2 cents. (is that how you say it?)

So let’s start with the users (including…

Businesses aren’t immune to criticism for working in a fucked-up system, even if that business is providing a business “for free”

The people that work for those business (be they regular people or even rapists and scam artists, as FA is known to hire) are not immune to criticism either

this is one of the worst arguments I’ve ever read defending anything, ever

you defeat yourself by, on one hand, saying that people who don’t support FurAffinity financially have no room to complain for using a free service, and then saying that you have no room to complain for shopping at Wal-Mart (for reasons that amount to laziness despite being aware of its terrible practices)

You are correct at the point where maybe they do hire artist, scam artist, etc. And of course, they aren’t completely immune to criticism (we all are human), but when have you seen FA change because of what the users say? FA is very stubborn and will do whatever they want. Maybe it’s a fucked up system, but are they doing anything about it? No. They’ll do whatever the hell they want.

And yes, people should not complain because they do get a free service. But at least with Wal-Mart, I can do something (e.g. not shop there anymore). But am I doing that? Not really. I’m not doing anything about Wal-Mart… so I am just as guilty…so I can’t say much. I am sorry that you thought this was a bad argument, as it is just an opinion. Thank you for reading.. and I am  glad to get another perspective.

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FurAffinity: It’s a Business

So I decided to blog this after seeing all these people getting upset about the recent hiring of new administrators (apparently), rumors and possible changes to FurAffinity. 

I thought I might want to put in my 2 cents. (is that how you say it?)

So let’s start with the users (including myself). 

The things that gets me is that at least 90% of people do not give any donations to FurAffinity (including myself), so why be upset? It’s a free service. If you do donations, or such, and don’t like the way things are going with the website, then stop donating, supporting, etc. It’s that easy. It’s like if you are investing in the stock market, and if things are just going down the shit hole, then you would stop investing in that stock (business), correct? And you would invest your time and money into something else. If not, then you lose all your money and left with nothing…but a waste of your time and any of the money you invested (according to the perspective of the investor). But, FurAffinity, being a free service.. are we gaining or losing anything? Maybe time, but otherwise, I honestly think we are gaining (as a user). And I’ll explain why.

If you are an artist that gets business from a free site, you’re getting more recognition, and getting more people to purchase goods and services from you (which in this case, you are gaining from a website that does not charge you for advertising services and goods, unless you purchase ads…which is a different story… you are supporting the website). Musicians are getting recognized for their work, etc. etc. At the same time, some people get more business at other websites… so be smart, and invest your time and money into another website. 

So should we be really upset at the fact we are using a free service (despite if the service is unstable, ran by people we don’t like, etc), to our advantage? 

It reminds me of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is known for having crappy wages, and horrible work surroundings. People are complaining about it, yet we still shop there.  I find myself shopping there at Wal-Mart, even though some of the practices they do are not what I agree with. My money still goes to them. Why? I honestly have no idea! It’s possibly because it could be the closest supermarket to me. Or maybe I am afraid of change? Or maybe it’s because they have low prices compared to other markets… or maybe I am afraid of change. At the end, I invest my time and money into that store. Honestly, I would shop somewhere else, but do I? No. So I am just as guilty…and Wal-Mart can do whatever they want. And I have no right to say anything at that point… because I’m supporting Wal-Mart by investing those things into them. 

Same thing goes to FA users. What is it that we are losing by being on FA? Some people may lose money, but the majority of people are losing “time”. They should not be mad. If the majority of users are mad about something that the website did or a change they put into affect, then invest smarter. Move to another site, and work there. Sure, you can voice your opinion about something, but don’t make a huge fuss over it. 

It’s a business. They can do whatever they want. Whatever tactics they have in mind, they are going to do it. Weather they get people’s opinions or not… they are going to run the show. If they want to censor peoples opinions, then let them do that. Voice it some other way. You guys have brains. Use them. Think about other ways you can do it. 

Getting to the point of hiring staff… it’s the same thing. A business can hire whoever they want. If they have a need to hire someone (whether if that person did something wrong or not), it’s how a business works. At the end, the only person that loses is the business (if they made a shit decision), if not, they consider it a win in their book… but, who are we to judge. It’s not our job to hire whoever we want. The only person that can do that is whoever is running the show.

In my personal opinion, I think FurAffinity is really powerful. I mean, look how many people are being “affected” by the changes. A lot of people are outraged by some of the things they do… and it just shows how many people they can control with a small change/policy, or a addition to staff. But, they can do whatever the hell they want. We are the ones that are being controlled if it affects us that bad. And we are smart enough to not let that affect us. 

I personally go onto the site because I barely any trouble with them (other then the site being down, uploading too big of a picture, etc).. but, not only that, but I see a lot of talented artist here that I can purchase goods and services from. It’s that simple. I might explore other sites, but I’m not going to be extremely upset over something FurAffintiy did or changed. It’s there decision. Deal with it. 

At this point, some people probably get the idea after reading. At the end, businesses are always going to get shit (whether it’s the from the media, the people, etc). They don’t really care. If they think it’s going to be a great investment… then let them do it. If they fail, then oh well. That’s how the economy works. But if you have a problem with it, move your time and money somewhere else… and invest it well. Be smart. Don’t whine. Furries are known to be very dramatic… 

Take care of yourself and have a great weekend.

Thank you very much for reading! 


Sorry for any grammatical errors or whatever.